Aims & Scope

Cytotherapy, the official journal of the International Society of Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT), publishes novel and innovative results from high quality scientific and clinical studies in the fields of cell and gene therapy. In addition to Short Reports and Full-Length Articles, the journal also accepts Editorials on emerging trends and potential controversies in the field, and Review articles summarizing important areas of cell and gene therapy research that are topical and/or challenge existing paradigms in the field.

Cytotherapy considers manuscripts exploring the following topics:

  • Development and/or characterization of novel gene therapies and cell and/or EV-based therapeutics
  • Design of novel therapeutic approaches employing cell/EV/gene products.
  • Mode of action of cell/EV/gene therapies in relevant cell-based and pre-clinical models.
  • Identification of novel biomarkers that predict the potency of cell/EV/gene therapies and/or stratify patients based on response rates.
  • Role of stem/stromal cells and/or EVs in disease pathophysiology.
  • Early and late phase clinical studies evaluating the safety and efficacy of cell/EV/gene therapies.
  • Important advances in cell/EV/gene-based product manufacturing and validation
  • Global/regional regulatory practices that impact the authorized use and/or regulatory approval of cell/EV and gene therapies.

Cytotherapy does not publish manuscripts on the following topics:

  • Case studies unless they are of unusual significance to the field.
  • Basic/translational studies exploring the role of lncRNAs, circRNAs, and miRNAs in disease pathophysiology
  • Studies describing signaling pathways implicated in cancer